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More love for effects. Logical operators, algebra, dice support, limiters

Fantasy grounds has IF and IFT effects, example. IFT: type(giant); ATK: +5. Will give a +5 to hit bonus vs giants.

Please show more love to logical operators.
NIF and NIFT (not if and not if target) example: then we can make invisibility only work if the target does not have see invisibility.

And we need operators like
> <
Example: if target hit dice is less than 5, but above 2 target is blinded. IF: HD < 5, and HD > 2; Blinded

And of course ways to add, substract, divide and multiply
IFT: HD - CL < 5; Blinded (if target hit dice is less than 5 more than my caster level then target is blinded.

We also need dice support. Example. Ray of enfeeblement does 1d6+ (1 per caster level max 5) on failed save, half on success.
Ray of enfeeblement; STR: [1d6]+ [CL/2 (max 5)], halfOnSave

You get the idea. Here is an extension that has implemented some of these

Ørjan Svandal , 04.02.2021, 08:34
Idea status: under consideration


Wil Thieme, 04.02.2021, 14:29
I don't see much reason to have half on save logic (because you can just have two effect buttons), but I the expressions would be amazing!
Dogfisc, 05.02.2021, 10:37
Adding something that would allow IF: or IFT: [range] (“melee” or “ranged”) for special modifiers or DR that only work for one or the other.
Joe, 24.02.2021, 02:22
Effect that multiplies dice would be good too. I would love a way to apply effects to a particular Action as well. Basically a way to create a Magic Weapon effect.

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